What a difference 1 month makes! Take 2

One month ago today, I sat on Goliath – a huge roller coaster at Six Flags over Georgia and the size of my butt/thighs/etc prohibited me from riding a roller coaster.  I was humiliated, I was heart broken, I was sad… but I said I have to make SOMETHING POSITIVE out of this event.  I had to – I was not going to let another thing destroy my life/health.  

The very next morning, I took the bull by the horns and started changing my life – one thing at a time.  I woke up and on a rainy Sunday morning, I took my dog for a 1.2 mile walk.  With the exception of ONE day when it was pouring, that dog has walked at least 1.25 miles per day!  I did on the treadmill the day I missed!

I've commuted to and from work a total of 5 times in 3 weeks and have every reason to believe I will do it the 6th in just 2 short days.  I've worked out over 20 hours.  I've moved 217 miles of the earth under my feet (not including the 45 miles with the dog… about 130 of those miles have been on a bicycle).  

On a different front, I'm eating healthier.  I go out of my way to eat SLOWER!  I have sent a mega ton of food back.  I can not finish a chipotle or moe's burrito any more.  I have eaten more salad in April than I probably did in 2012.  I used to be on about 2×12 pack a week soda habit – I started March with 3 x 12 packs in the fridge and I'm still not done with the last one.  

Today – this ride was INSPIRED!  After a great trip to work – averaging almost 18 mph, I pull off this effort… 18.9 mph?  That is my fastest average speed since 2011.  

I'm in awe.  I will ride that damn roller coaster front row and I will put my hands up the whole time and I will probably cry like a baby (well, I'll fight it and play it off like its my eyes watering) but you know what – I'M BACK!!!!!

I may not be in 2011 form, I may not be ready to take on everything I was doing then but I can tell you another monumental moment in my life is not far away.  This one is big…. it's coming!

Thanks to EVERYBODY who has been +1 ing my posts, giving me kudos on Strava, telling me I am kicking ass… Pushing me to go 1 more mile!  I'm going into One-derland this time!  Tell me I can't!  If a 255 pound guy can pull off this ride after only about a month of working out … NOTHING is going to stop me!  If you see me falter, if you see me losing focus – crack the whip!

It's ON!


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Trip Home – UNBELIEVABLE! – Scott P.’s 13.5 mile bike ride
Scott rode 13.5 miles and became the KOM on the One Crappy Warm Up segment.

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