Day 3 – and the catch-up

So I get down to the gym and these womenz that like to watch celebrity fit club are walking on the treadmills and using the elliptical machine. SUCK! The silly stationary bike is broken, so I get disgruntled, grab my badge and go running. Hey … whatever works (or something). I ran “around the block” at work Turns out to be a little over 2.1 miles. Reasonably hilly – so it was a good workout. I finished off the day with 3 sets on 5 upper body machines.

That last 2 days were elliptication and weights. The streak is in it’s infancy, but at least it EXISTS! Now… back to work. I probably stink or something.

That not so fresh feeling

I had it, but I’ve done some stuff to change that.  I’ve updated my blog theme and re-organized the side a bit.  The key thing I’ve done is integrated my twitter stuff.  For those of you who haven’t found twitter yet, you have now!  Twitter is a platform for what is called “micro-blogging”.  You are limited to 140 characters – you can basically comment or say what you are doing how.  You can find my twitter feed @ if you are so inclined.  You can do all kinds of cool stuff like update it with your cell sync it with your facebook and your blog.  There are TONS of people on there including our new president, Lance Armstrong, friends, family and people you couldn’t POSSIBLY care about… It’s there if you want to use it!

As you may have picked up if you are following me on FB or any other place, the quest for fitness has been rekindled.  I hate to admit it, but I lack the fire I had last year.  I have this feeling (right now) like “I did this last year…. why do it now… only to have to do it again”.  I mean, how many times have I (and kabillions of other people) lost a butt load of pounds, FELT SO FREEKING GOOD…. only to start eating like you used to, forgetting to work out…. bleh… it’s painful to think about.

Last year, I got motivated and ran a streak of 50+ days with intentional exercise.  I’m at 2 right now.  2… 50+ more to go.  The cool thing I have going for me is that Sarah is now gearing up for her next Team in Training event.  She will be riding the “Fletcher Flyer” in June.  Yes, I said RIDING!  I’m very excited to have her doing a sport I can easily support her in her efforts.  I will also be riding the Flyer with her.  We have a few months to get ready for the 100 mile jaunt around North Carolina.  I’ve ridden a Century in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida.  Time to add NC!

Unicycling – it’s hard

So I got my uni back from Maryland.  I spent about 5 minutes on it last night – just cuz I had to ;-).  Today, I tried a bit in front of the house, then I came up with an idea – I would head over to Derek’s school playground.  They have a long fence and stuff … so off we went.  Max came for a jumping adventure, Derek came for a climbing adventure and Sarah came to remind the boys (all three of us) to be careful.

I tried various things to hold onto and feel as if I am making some progress.  I was able to mount the unicycle pretty easily today.  Get up on it  … wiggle around a bit … keep it upright and not fall on my you know what.  I did one fall that landed me on the ground, but no injury.  The fun/excitement came when I was able to ride form one “thing” to another “thing” that was about 3-4 feet apart.  I’d love to tell you how easy it was, or that I was totally in control but the simple fact of the matter is that – well – I got kinda lucky.  That is however, about 2 feet more luck than I had the other day – so that’s good?

The neat thing is I realized the playground is really a great playground for a unicycle… lots of things for me to hang onto, flat grass area to ride on (when it’s not wet) and ultimately, a running track to work on my “distance riding” once I get some more skills.

I don’t remember learning to ride a bicycle, but I will tell you this is pretty hard… I hope to get going soon!

Product Warning

I know I do some stuff that could be considered un-safe if done by an untrained individual, so even looking at what I am talking about here should be considered dangerous – but I am fascinated by the unicycle world right now and found a “two speed unicycle hub”.  Unicycles – by definition – are fixed wheel.  You pedal, it goes!  Well… with this hub, you can go FASTER!  I cant use it yet – cuz well – I can’t go.  The hub has a warning:=

Warning: Geared hubs can be dangerous due to the high potential speed and the risk of unplanned dismounts during shifting. Ride within your limits!

Thankfully, the product warning has saved me from a bad situation!  I feel safer already!