For three straight day…

I feel like I have run for three straight days. It all started on Saturday. I did the run home from soccer thing again. I went a different way and poured on the gas a bit. When it was all said and done, said I had run 5.75 miles in about an hour. I had more left – but wasn’t sure and the “climb” home hurts.

Sunday – feeling stupidly inspired, I set out on a 34 degree jaunt. I ran about 4.85 miles. Maybe more, maybe less – not sure. I was running harder to stay warm. I was pretty tired after that. I think my time was about 51 ish minutes?

Well, today I go to work and the guys email me and say want to run? I say … maybe … look at the weather and realize its about to get ugly again. UN-FUN! So … I say ok. It’s only 4 miles. Let me tell you… there is no casual warm up pace at the beginning of a lunch run. My head almost popped off we were going so hard. At least, that’s how I felt. I guess we weren’t REALLY going all that crazy fast, but I wasn’t ready. My goal, was to stay with the guys. I did stay with one of them. The other one dropped us like a bad habit with about 1/2 mile to go. It was kind of cool as the guy with the Garmin was telling me where we were (1 mile, 2 mile…) and at 10 minute miles – I could see if we were up and down. I really think I buried myself today and hope I can show some restraint tomorrow.

I’m sad to say my last cycling endeavor was 45 minutes on the rollers on Friday. That’s okay – I’m working on a goal right now. One of the guys at Church invited me to ride to Alabama with him sometime this summer. I’ve heard it’s the thing to do on the Silver Comet Trail – so I guess I should entertain the idea.

One negative side effect of this working out – I am cold a lot. Like right now. My blood is moving slow, my HR is low … and I m cold. I guess it’s good and I wonder if I acheive my current goal of 190 – if I will be cold all the time? I won’t have all my grizzly bear fat … will I miss it? I hope to find out!

Until next time – stay warm and dry!