Near and dear to my rear! #fb

Anti Monkey Butt Powder A while back, I created quite a ruckus, talking about Anti Monkey Butt Powder.  I then, quietly, went about my way enjoying the freedom, the comfort and the lack of monkey butt I always wanted.  I was not open.  I was not honest.  I didn’t share my thoughts and feelings with my friends and family.  For that, I am deeply sorry.  All that I can do is tell you now and hope that when you experience the smoothness, the comfort and the love that Anti Monkey Butt Powder brings you, you too will find the gluteal nirvana that I regularly experience!

Surely, many of you have sat in a car all day?  Sat at your office for way too long?  You may not get a round and red monkey looking keister you see on the AMB bottle, you know you get a little itch here and there?  Come on – you can admit it!  We are friends here! I’m here to tell you that the special blend of herbs and spices that makes up the Anti Monkey Butt Powder is your ANSWER!  The positives of this product are nearly limited!  It’s smooth!  It smells good!  It prevents monkey butt!  It goes on easy!  It seals well so you don’t spill! It’s good for quite evenings at home as well as hard runs in the woods!  I’ve personally tested this product in numerous conditions!  Hot, cold, slow and fast!  It’s never let me down!

I give this product 2 thumbs up!  No questions asked!  It has my un-categorical endorsement! Coming from a guy with a butt as big as mine, that’s a big endorsement!