Not a good gone

Ahoy me hearties. I was hoping to continue my streak of fun and postings about the joys of commuting, but I think the winds of change just kicked me in my man bits. Today I felt like I was riding in pudding. The only thing that went well was my bike seemed to fit like a glove. The wind was terrible. Gusty and moist. I really didn’t have much fun, but I made it, didn’t get a flat and didn’t get squished… And I didn’t drive, and i got to work on time and I might have a tailwind on the way home. I guess that is a lot of good, if I could just take off the pessimism panties….

Well, a quick shout out to 8-bit who told me my blog is bookmarked and J-airy who busted out a ride on his favorite trail this weekend. The virtual peloton is growing!