“Sometimes people in my profession piss me off!”

“Why can’t they just do their job right?”.

These are two quotes from my Dentist this morning.  Now, I REALLY like my dentist, but this isn’t so much what you want to hear after he has just removed your tooth (well, crown).

Turns out, the dentist that put my crown in, about 15+ years ago didn’t prepare the tooth properly and/or put the post in properly.  What does that mean in English?   I now have to have a post – which is currently embedded in my skull – removed.  I am not really sure how that happens, but it can’t be a lot of fun.

Kids – brush your teeth a lot.  More than you think you need to and whatever you do, don’t play Atari with your sister … and if you do, give her a turn!

Trust me on all of this….

It’s not RIGHT … it’s not ok!

So … as I mentioned the other day, I was using my LiveSTRONG bracelet as a reminder of my bigger mission – my newly renewed focus on weight loss/fitness/health.  #FAIL… it’s not the bracelet’s fault – it’s MY FAULT.  You see – I cant wear anything on my right wrist.  It bugs me, I notice it, it annoys me… I was wearing it on my LEFT wrist which I am cool with.  I dont notice a watch or bracelet unless I’m typing or something.  I don’t eat with my left hand.  (See the problem here?)

Yeah… running it lefty – I didn’t even notice my reminder!  Sarah even said, last night, as I dipped into a bowl of candy corns… “REMEMBER YOUR BRACELET!” … I was like “WTF, Mate?”

So… I’ve moved it to the right wrist.  I will see it with every bite of food!

There you go!  The small changes in life… or some such thing!

I’m fat again – but back on track

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve gained 10 pounds as of this morning. Given I had a high sodium dinner last night – w/red meat too – I’m guessing that it will drop reasonably fast, but alas – i’m back to being obese and opening up a can of whoop-ass on my arse – again.

I’m grateful that I caught it, grabbed by the horns and turned it around. I have my work (still) cut out for me, but I’m shooting for 210 or less by the end of the year (17 pounds from where I am now. My neighbor has me looking at some new workout program – 12 minutes a day, that supposedly helps to spike the metabolism and do other great things for you. I don’t think its the end all of my issues – but I SERIOUSLY need a new spark. Without a track race until April – I need some fuel for my fire.

I’ve got some other stuff running through my brain that will help!


I’m going crazy w/my motivation.  Gotta roll it!  I want to be skinny more than I want my kryptonite!  (Smarties, Nerds, Mexican, Fries…)

Say it....
Say it....

Saturn has another ring!

On my way to work, I heard some great news. Scientist have found a new ring around Saturn! This is unbelievable! What would we do without this knowledge? Apparently is is SO BIG it could hold millions or billions earths! WOW! Let’s hope we don’t get stuck there! I’ll… um… try not to?

This is almost as earth shattering as them declaring Pluto is not a planet.

Wait… reality just kicked in. WHO CARES??? Pluto was a planet for years, now it’s not! OH NO! Does Pluto care? NO! Does it change my life? your life? I doubt not!

How much money was spent to find this ring or make Pluto the ball formally knows as a planet? We can figure out Pluto is not a planet but we cant deliver enough swine flu vaccine to the masses fast enough?

Alright – I just had to vent. I’m going planet shopping …

STOP – it’s the LAW….

Okay, so typically something in my life happens and I say “I should blog about that, but then I forget and then I don’t do it.. but right now, I have to.

Ladies and gentleman – when the red lights on a school bus are flashing – you are required, by law to STOP! I don’t give a rat’s if your boss will be mad if you are late, if you are having a bad day … there are KIDS walking around and they don’t pay attention to anything … they are in a daze!

Now… I did have question about something – so I asked police officer (2 of them actually). *IF* you are on a divided highway/road and there is NO WAY for you to drive to where the other side of the street (if there is a divider, curb or other traffic control device) you do not have to stop. I don’t care if you are 7 lanes away – if there isn’t a divider – the law says STOP YOUR CAR AND WAIT!

You are really going to hate yourself when you run over a kid passing a stopped school bus…

Seriously – it’s a simple law…. red flashing lights on a big yellow bus – STOP!

Thanks for listening. Hopefully all 7 of my blog readers are already stoppers, if not, start being one…