The highs and the lows

As some of you know, last Saturday I got up early, drove across town and ran a 10k.  I really wanted to see where I was, in a real 10k, with a real clock and all that.  The goal – break 1 hour.  I was feeling confident – but nervous.  Well, things went pretty much how I expected them too.  I took off too fast (first mile in 8:09) and faded a bit as the rest of the run went along.  I finished in 57:36 – so the goal was achieved.  I did feel pretty good about that.  I realized, the pacing is critical and how “easy” that first mile will feel in a race.  Mental note – Work on feeling out my pace a bit better on the first mile!

Well – that’s when things started to go downhill.  I started feeling a little bad on Sunday, about the same on Monday.  I ran with the guys at work on Monday – but didn’t feel so good.  Tuesday I felt worse and by Wednesday I woke up with a low grade fever and a pretty bad cold.  I stayed home – and felt better – but now I’m in the cold roller coaster.  Feel better… feel worse… feel better… feel worse.  The Quil family is helping a bit – but well, it’s not much fun.

Derek had his “regional” science fair awards this week.  He went up against some good projects and all in all, I was VERY proud in how he handled it.  He didn’t win an award and wasn’t upset.  I am sure he wanted to win, but he didn’t get made or anything!  Very good to see him doing good on that.  He’s fully involved with soccer now – which means a lot of rain outs – and practice 2 nights a week.  He has a lot of fun – so that is cool.

Max is playing soccer and has had one practice.  The rest have been rained out.  He is very passionate about wanting to learn to swim.  He DESPERATELY wants to “not have to wear my floaties”.  Well, after a lot of research, phone calls and stuff – Max will start his swim lessons TODAY!  Now, you have to understand that he has been in swim trunks and swim shirt since 7:00 am for his 12:30 swim class.  He’s going to learn to swim today!

This week – Sarah did something for the first time, and she did it QUITE well!  She made Army Men!  (It’s an old school family favorite).  I don’t know that she has ever made it before – but well – you would never have known!  It tasted great.

Rigatoni and Faith are pretty well adjusted to being here.  Big Tony is just going to be mad at the existence of dogs and lash out a them as early and often as he can.  Fortunately – soft paws prevent him from doing anything but amusing himself.  Those things really do work!

This week – I hope the weather turns to spring and the cold clears up.  I could use some sunshine!