Waffle House Nutritional Facts

So say – you have a moment of weakness and your 8 year old wants waffles and you say “Ok”….

Say you stop at one of the 8000 Georgia Waffle Houses….

Say you are trying to be honest and want to log your food intake….

You go to Waffle House’s website and try to find the nutritional facts.   You will find this:

Where can I get nutritional information about your foods?

Waffle House provides great tasting food and an enjoyable meal. The items on our menu allow everyone that visits our restaurant a meal that fits their dietary needs and all of our food is cooked to order. Although we do not publish nutritional data on our food, you will find it to be the same high-quality food you can get from your supermarket. We use brands you know and trust including Jimmy Dean sausage, Bryan Bacon, Sara Lee pastries and pies and Royal Cup coffee and tea.

In a society where obesity is becoming an epidemic – one of the most successful restaurant chains in the country doesn’t publish their nutritional facts?  Even McDonalds – which has almost no true nutritional value has that information readily available.

Never fear though – Waffle House has something that even Starbucks doesn’t!  You can put in the start and end destinations and it will show you  ALL of the Waffle Houses on the way!

The way I see it – if the calories cant be found on the internet – it must be calorie free!