Not so long ago – I worked for a man

I worked for a man that didn’t let any holidays go by.  He didn’t let an opportunity to celebrate and/or compete pass us by.  It was annoying.  Being competetive I did all kinds of stupid stuff like wear a wig and a pink shirt and call myself Christie Brinkley, wear a purple pimp suit – even die my hair green (even if it looked yellow, it WAS green) and any other thing I thought would get me a borland buck or some other random trinket of appreciation.  Yes – I was annoyed by the man, he bugged me making me do all of these things.  The actually … as much as I hated them… probably made me more productive – they certainly gave me something to win, some form of motivation and something people need in the office sometimes – something to laugh about.

Today – I’m LITERALLY the only person I’ve seen in my office even wearing a green shirt.  (If your reading this late – it’s St Patrick’s Day).  Nobody has even noticed.

Gary – sorry man, you were right!!!! Thanks for all the good times.  I miss my old team.  I hope you are all well.

One year ago today