Cici Fernandes – one of my favorite people!

Cici Fernandes

Last year, Sarah and I worked with team in training to do a Century.  Sarah raised a ton of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  That helps to make you feel pretty good – but along the way, we had the pleasure of meeting a woman named Cici Fernandes.  I can’t really tell you, in words, how wonderful a person Cici is, but I can tell you she is non-stop bucket of inspiration.  She was the 6th highest fund raiser for her century.  She started the “journey” on some 50 pound 40 year old bike … finished on a borrowed Cannondale.  She loved cycling and loved raising money for her charity!  I helped her shop for and find a great deal on a bike and she is taking on the Lake Tahoe Century soon – again in her quest to raise money for TNT.

Cici’s mom died of  leukemia, so for her – it’s more than just a passion.  I know times are tough – but Cici is at it again.  She has set a high goal of $6000!  I know she will do it… I just wanted to help her out a little bit.  So -if you can- take a moment and hit Cici’s fund raising page.  Throw her a little donation.  Every penny counts and I can promise you – you will get a friend out of the deal!

Her energy and smile are truly contagious!  I’m just sharing the wealth!  Look out Lake Tahoe!  Cici is coming to town!