Something strange happened tonight!

So we went to have some dinner before going to Cici’s fund raiser.  We went to our local sushi house and enjoyed our meal.  Very good.  A table of people sat down next to us and had a “tray” of something – that looked like Calamari (you know – deep fried squid).

Well – I wasn’t sure if a japanese joint served that – so I asked the guy.  He told me and I said “Oh, cool!  Thanks”. Well, this guy was very social and told us how good it was.  Sarah commented it was too chewy and he insisted it was not.  He then offered us a piece – including some sauce!  Well – why not.  We liked it, thanks bro – very cool.

Well, about 2 minutes later – the waiter came to bus his table.  He said “No, don’t take that!  Put it on their table! ”  I’ll be honest, I thought he said “put it on his tab” and was like WTF?  No – he just wanted to give us his leftovers.  Seemingly odd, but very tasty none the less!

Very good night overall!  Odd post dinner appetizer… but good night none the less!