A little bit torn

So – in 2008 I decided to run my first 10k.  I wanted to break an hour and I did.  I was proud of myself.  It was a good run and it helped motivate me to run a little more and do other things.  I went on to run the Peach tree road race in 1:09.xx that year.  I was pleased – I hadn’t run at all, I just did it.

Last year, in better shape, but without running I ran the Peachtree in 1:05 ish.  Cool… but I wanted to break an hour.  I actually had a goal this time.  Now as you probably have figured out, I’m obsessed with breaking 1 hour.  I ran the 10k 3 weeks ago in 57 something or other.  Good… on track.

Today, I suffered a mental set back.  It’s kind of got me a little worried, a little nervous – if you will.  You see – I ran the Spring Chicken again today.  I ran a better time, I ran well.  I focussed on first mile pacing, but I suffered miserably on the hills and finished less than 30 seconds faster.  My mind is racing.  There was a lot different – it was colder, it was windy, it was a different (in my opinion, harder) course.

I take  few positives out of this – in that I paced my first mile MUCH better than in the 10k – but now I’m nervous about July.  Am I on track?  Am I dreaming?  I don’t know.  I guess at this point, my best bet is to just keep working on weight loss.  Run some here and there and lose weight.  When we get about 6-8 weeks out from the Peachtree – get on top of the running hard core.  I haven’t really been running as much the last three weeks, I did spend 1 week NOT running as I was sick.  I’ve ridden more … I think if I focus, I can do this – but this was not the number I wanted to see today.  At the same time – I’m glad I did it, I had fun.

All of that mental obsession put aside – Derek WON his category again!  Last time, he won the whole thing, but this time, he faced a 12 year old with a beard… and a coach!  He did great.  Max ran the 1 mile fun run.  He did AWESOME!  I ran with him and he ran about 95% of the event.  He didn’t complain one time and smiled the whole way.  Both of the boys did great and had fun!  An awesome event and I think we will look to do it again next year!