Attitude of Gratitude – Day 8-9 roll up

I must confess – I forgot to post on Sunday, remembered on Monday, then forgot…

On Sunday and Monday I was grateful for:

  • Getting to see Derek and his friends perform at Church
  • Better than expected weather on Sunday
  • Fun @ Derek’s soccer game
  • Good burger for dinner
  • Living to be 42 years old
  • My wonderful gifts (I’ve burned 1250 calories today, as I type this!)
  • The Cake Hag
  • Not gaining a ton of weight as I indulged this weekend
  • Finding the “strength” to work out yesterday when I was feeling sorry for myself
  • About 150 people, around the world, that took time to say Happy Birthday on the phone, FB and in person
  • Not being bitten by the Marietta Roof Snake!