The Marietta Roof Snake

Having already scared one grand parent into a panic, I thought I had better sort this out quickly!  Before I dive in – nobody gets hurt in this story.

For the FULL impact of this – you need to know that I use Google Voicemail.  A great service that “listens” to your voicemail and transcribes it.  It works “pretty well”, but it’s not always accurate.

Now… on to our story.  The other day, I was working in the yard, trimming my bushes and I found the Marietta Roof Snake in the bushes.  You may be wondering, what in the world is a Marietta Roof Snake?  It’s simply a string of roofing nails hanging in a bush! When I saw it, I laughed and emailed a photo to Ben (my roofer friend) and Sarah (my Wife). Ben laughed and Sarah got scared! She didn’t want to come home until I had killed it! Mind you, she was looking at it on a cell phone … so it was hard to see – but we all got a good laugh out of this as well.  All was good.  I called Ben and told him about it.

Well, last night I got a voicemail from “my dad” – or so I thought.  I was reading this on my phone (reading, the transcription) when I got scared.  I thought my Dad got hit by a car.  It read:

Scott, It’s Dad, I just got bit by the very very rare very everything of the big bad to you. You had that one.  You know I need the bed and he doesn’t have to track down that once I get over to the doctor golden dear bye.

I’m still not sure how I got that he got hit by a car… but well, I was scared and tried frantically to call the Voicemail to hear what it really said. This is what I heard:

So as you can see – it’s been a lot of fun! Now – here is the Marietta Roof Snake!  Very deadly!

Marietta Roof Snake

Even with the snake the left, I’d still recommend!