A good weekend

I’m currently sitting here waiting for 16 gigabytes of data to be transformed into a functional database.  Between network traffic, hard drive speed and whatever else I am doing on this machine, it’s taking an eternity.

Our weekend was good.  We got in a lot of biking, a lot of fun, very few Maxwell Meltdowns… no major injuries… good stuff!  You have to love it when it’s like 70 degrees in february!  I’ll take that.  I’m probalby screwing up my karma by acknowledging it, but hey … I enjoyed!

I’d like to make a brief product endorsement – the LG Env2 – the new cell phone I got last week.  I really like it.  A very nice phone!  Texting is dreamy on this little bugger thanks to the QWERTY keyboard.  It’s no iPhone… but it’s not meant to be.  Quick check of an email here and there, texting your friends… good deal.

This week – you should hear about me riding some at lunch – keep your fingers crossed!  I better get back to work.  Make it a great week!

Talk about a nice day in the ATL!

We got up for a little Team In Training group ride.  This one was about 45 mintues away and Sarah and I both agree – if that’s all we are going to do there – we wont be back.  The traffic and rodes were nothing to speak of.  The one cool thing was some road kill that looked JUST LIKE Pepperoni Pizza!  (it really was pizza).

It was right along the Chatahoochee river and let me tell you, river air is COOL in the morning.  We just about froze for the first hour, but it warmed up nice.  Those of you who know about our “cycling challenge” this week – I can just tell you – all was fine, no bad feelings, no issues.

Sarah rode REALLY well.  I don’t think she fancies hills all that much, but hey – who does!  I rode the fixie again and loved it, of course.  I don’t know what it is about that bike … I hate the bike, love the ride?  The bike barely fits me … so its a stretch – but the ride of a fixie on the road is just something special.

After that – off to basketball – Derek was AWESOME today.  There was a little kid, about 2′ 4″ tall … maybe a bit taller, but not much… he was FAST and GOOD!  He could straight roll a lay up, till I did a little side line coaching and said “when that little fella gets the ball, GO FOR THE BALL and turbo did it!  Once Derek was on the mission – that kids game was OFF!  They also had Derek guarding a guy that could post a 3 point, fade away jumper … at age 7-8?  Yikes…  Derek did good, but if he went for a high shot, my man just didn’t have the hops!

After b-ball … unicycling.  Wow… it is hard, but I rode it over 3 pedal strokes today!  I can ride downhill really well.  Getting the momentum to ride flat and/or uphill is not happening yet, but I am trying!  I have almost found ‘the balance point’.  It’s a narrow range and I suspect if I reduced my keister, I’d be a bit better on the uni – but thats in due time.

It was a long week – the start of the weekend has been good, but it does feel like this weekend is going to be about 3 days too short!

25 Random Facts About Me

Since I dont remember how to post a note on facebook – I’ll do it here and it will get posted to my notes.  Nobody will be tagged, but that’s okay!

  1. After years of being a PC guy, I bought a Mac.  I regret the PC years.
  2. I used to obsess about having ‘the right bike’, now I enjoy changing bikes.
  3. I have three tattoos and want more.
  4. One of my proudest moments was teaching my son to ride his bicycle.
  5. I thought I would hate Georgia.  I don’t love it, but it’s alright.
  6. For the first time in my life, I truly enjoy my job.
  7. I obsess about broken computers.
  8. In 2005 I added a Wife, 2 kids and a minivan to my family.
  9. One of my happiest moments was when my son said “My favorite part of the weekend was the Pinewood Derby”
  10. When Sarah was pregnant, I often didn’t sleep, fearing being able to handle a baby.
  11. I genuinely like helping people.
  12. I love the freedom of being on 2 wheels.
  13. I have been sober for 21 years, 2 months, 30 days.
  14. I am a firm advocate/believer in Chiropractic.
  15. I do not like wearing pants.  I wear shorts as often as I can.
  16. I married Sarah at Disney World and forever will consider Mickey to be my Best Man!
  17. I’ve broken 3 ribs, 1 ankle and have a piece of my hip bone in my collarbone (along with a steel plate and 10 screws).
  18. If I could only have one bicycle for the rest of my life, it would be a fixed gear bike.
  19. My three favorite foods are Breakfast, Pizza and Chipotle in no particular order.
  20. I believe I will someday ride my unicycle.
  21. I am happy my wife is now cycling with me.
  22. I hate waiting at doctors offices and other appointments.
  23. I don’t sleep enough.
  24. My biggest fear in the world is moving.  I could explain – but – it’s too long of a story.
  25. I’ve lived in Virginia (4), Maryland (3), Colorado (2), New Jersey (2), Rhode Island, California, Georgia.

Is this the final Comcast chapter?

I think so – but at this point, I won’t hold my breath.  Many of you dont care – and you don’t have to read – sorry – but I have gotten a lot of email, comments, etc… people want to know if I win my battle with the blundering media giant.  I pray this will be my last update on this subject…

When the technician left the on Saturday, I checked a few channels to see if they worked.  They did… Cool.  I didn’t check my percieved channel listing and compare it to the TV.  Who does that?  (I do now).

Today, I go to watch some TV at lunch and cant get to channel 44… or 46… or any thing above 26.  You can imagine my reaction.  I am back on the warpath.  I start contacting people at comcast in every way known to man.  Email, phone, internet, blog, twitter, chat… (all at once).  The tech that was here the other day calls me and tells me you are supposed to only have those channels. That’s not what I was told.  That’s not what I saw on the web.  My wife can verify that.

Well… being a bit OCD… I freak out and continue to annoy comcast.  Help isnt coming (I mean, it isnt fixed yet and my obession grows… )  Hearing what the tech had said I say to myself – what am I supposed to get.  I search, I research… but I keep finding I get “all” the channels.  That cant be right.  (This is where the geek in me comes out).  When you go to Comcast and click on the “Channel Lineup” button, a string is passed to the next web page.  Based on that string – you get the appropriate channe line up.  EVERY PACKAGE ON THE PAGE … except “Limited Basic” works properly.  You see, they pass “Limited Basic Cable” instead of “Limited Basic” to the next page.  Since that string isn’t recognized – it fails and gives me false information.  Yes – computers are a addiction, a sickness and obsession sometimes.  It haunts me at times, but coming to the reality that the second chapter of this saga was caused by a mis-understanding perpetuated by a website – I was at least able accept the circumstances.

The rest of the story is a bit happier.  The tech had dispatched a person to come to the house and fix it.  At the same time, I was on the call with Comcast sorting out the whole ordeal and learning about special packages… etc.. I was not home… but Sarah called me.  I told her not to let that comcast person leave!  I frantically called comcast and got the workorders sorted out.  I now have all the channels I wanted.  I have OnDemand, I have internet and I am poised to cancel my phone service in a short time.

The maddening thing about this all… at the end of all this, I told the woman at the executive office how to reproduce the error, how to fix the error and what was going on.  She tested it, she could not reproduce it… I talked her through the steps I took and she saw the error.  Why did I do all that?   I hate computer errors.  I fix computer errors.  It’s what I do… that and MAYBE I will save ONE PERSON from she shit I just went through, I will have done a good thing.

Since Comcast is in the subject, @comcastcares and @comcastBonnie probably get this.  Thanks… but you shouldn’t have to be online looking for us screaming.  You should fix the problem on the frontline.  I like to sit down, surf the web, watch my TV and relax… maybe I can finally do that.

5 wheels + 1 wheel – how many bicycles?

So we decided to make life easier and “ride from home”. We still need a lot of work refining our getting ready routine, but we did it. Rode from our home… a victory in many ways. Sarah’s “lady bits” (my friend called them that) are not enjoying life so much today – but that can be expected. She did really good riding around our area which is hilly. I kind of think she is starting to respect what cyclist do a bit more as she realizes its not “just riding a bike”.

I impressed myself, dragging the kids (Derek on the trail-a-bike, Max in the trailer – 5 wheels) up 2 reasonably large hills (those who have been to my house, we made it to the house…). It was good.

Later, during nap time I took Derek with me and we went for some unicycling. I did really well today… in my down hill unicycling! (yeah, down hill). You see, the hard part for me is keeping the wheel rolling… and going down a slight grade, it helped. I bet I rode 15 feet two or three times!

I’ll get that thing figgered out!